Animals of Mass Destruction App Reviews

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Waste of my money

Horrible,boring,dumb,stupid,weird,doesn't make sense,don't get this game!!!!waste of my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(:/:(

Awsome game! Very fun!

This game is cool. I only made it to the 2nd boss so far and I love it. Sound and graphics are good. Good job guys!


This game can be pretty fun. But the controls feel choppy and stiff. The gameplay itslef is mildly fun, but pointless. The different character traits make for interesting gameplay, but the constant switching of the characters is tedious and can result in mission fails... The game is pretty good depending on if you like constant gore and repetitive gameplay.

Really kool but

This game is really kool and fun but it is kinds hard an there is no story behind it

Insanly hard

Worth 2 dollars


How do I get past the panda in the cat turtleial

Great game

Needs more levels, but it is pretty long so, this is a great game

Some draw backs

I thought it would be a good recreational game(mindless fun u can pick up whenever) but the checkpoints are too far apart, and the controls are not super responsive (too small). The concepts are cool though. More of a metal gear than a hack n slash.

Totally awesome

This is one of the most coolest games I've ever. I have to say who ever created this is genius. It's so worth every penny. You have got to get this game. Whoever says other wise is crazy


The funnest game I have ever played on the iPhone I had it for about two weeks and still haven't beat it it's worth every penny!!!!! :) two thumbs up

I love it!

It may be the best game and always fun!! Kung fu kitty haha, a must buy!


It is a very fun game with good graphics, the only thing that I dont like is I think the D-pad is kind of hard to use, and I think the aiming shouldnt have to be right on since it is hard to use the directionals. Other than that, very cool game

Great game

Really hard worth every penny

Best game on the iphone

I spent hours playing this game it is arguably the best game on the iPhone. I think being the cat is the most fun.I would have payed 20 dollars for this. It is beast


I liked it a little expensive but worth the six bucks, five stars;)

Weird game but kinda fun

This is an odd game. Dogs shoot pandas, cats as assasins, and chicken as computer hacker with taser but overall pretty good.

This game is very cool !!!

It has a lot of destruction, which I like. It can get a bit bloody but you can turn it off if you have a weak stomach. I like that the game controls don't cover the game. There is a lot of missions to beat, so it's not a short game. It's worth the price.

This game is sick

One of the most solid game on the iPhone and more violent too .did i just hear the F word on a iphone game LOL

This game is amazing!

I have almost 6 pages of apps full of paid games, and I like this the best! Amazing! Definitely a must buy!

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